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What Is TED Hair Restoration?

Factors like imbalanced hormones and family history could lead to premature receding hairlines at almost all stages of life for males and females alike. Androgenetic alopecia, sometimes called male and female pattern baldness, remains the most widespread type of hair loss, causing receding, patchy hair that, at some point, could disappear altogether and damage a person's well-being. At Divine IV and Wellness, we utilize TED™ by Alma, as well as the specialized TED+ hair growth solution, as a nonsurgical option to promote hair restoration. Acoustic sound waves and air pressure from the TED treatment release the specialized TED+ hair care solution deeper into the scalp to promote blood flow while simultaneously carrying vital growth factors required to grow, thicken, and secure the hair. To discover more about the benefits of this hair loss treatment, book a consultation with Family Nurse Practitioner Amy Berkhout, FNP-BC at our practice in Chandler, AZ.

I have been going to Amy for years now. She’s an amazing practitioner that has helped me navigate multiple health setbacks. She’s an absolute gem of a person, and I couldn’t recommend her more.

C.H. Google

Always helpful, informative, friendly and professional!!!

D.F. Google

Absolutely wonderful appointment!! Very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and understanding. Clean facility and great communication!

A.R. Google

Always a pleasant experience to go for my treatment. It's only been a couple of months and I feel a lot better.

D.A. Google

Amy and her staff are amazing!! The hormone replacement therapy is made specifically for me. I’m so fortunate and grateful for Amy Berkhardt ❤️ My health has improved immensely!! I’ll never give up my hormone pellets!!

S.M. Google


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TED Hair Restoration FAQ

What is the cost of TED hair restoration?
The price fluctuates according to the number of sessions recommended to achieve your ideal enhancements. On your first visit, our team will find out your needs and discuss your hair restoration ambitions prior to creating a customized improvement outline, including a pricing estimate.

What number of TED hair restoration treatments are recommended?
We advise that you seek care as soon as hair thinning or baldness is noticed. The total number of hair restoration treatments will differ according to the degree of hair loss. Apparent outcomes are usually attained after the starting group of three treatment sessions done over the course of several weeks.

Does Alma TED hurt?
Most patients report almost no pain during the procedure. The innovative system uses acoustic energy and the force of air to help release the specialized hair growth solution down into the skin, which is not expected to hurt.

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