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At Divine IV and Wellness, our staff is thrilled to provide one of the most advanced nonsurgical cosmetic solutions on the market today. Plasma skin tightening is a minimally invasive solution that uses cutting-edge technology by Opus Plasma® to tighten and lift drooping facial areas. Radiofrequency (RF) and microplasma energies are delivered into the skin to stimulate the body's natural healing process, boost collagen production, and create a tighter, youthful-looking skin appearance. During this procedure, Amy Berkhout, FNP-BC, and her team can address loose, sagging skin and wrinkles around the brow area, eyes, mid-face, neck, cheeks, neck, and chin. Call our facility in Chandler, AZ to book a visit with Amy to see whether microplasma skin rejuvenation is a good fit for your cosmetic goals.

Plasma skin tightening is a popular service at our facility in Chandler, AZ for numerous reasons. Although there are obvious benefits, like reduced recovery time and no surgical scars, there are a few added benefits to this minimally invasive treatment at Divine IV and Wellness, including:

  • Minimal recovery time
  • Quick treatment time, generally less than one hour
  • Results that last as long as a year
  • Tightens many areas on the body, including the face and neck
  • Works for many skin types
  • Improves natural age signs, lines, and wrinkles, and evening out skin tone and facial appearance

I have been going to Amy for years now. She’s an amazing practitioner that has helped me navigate multiple health setbacks. She’s an absolute gem of a person, and I couldn’t recommend her more.

C.H. Google

Always helpful, informative, friendly and professional!!!

D.F. Google

Absolutely wonderful appointment!! Very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and understanding. Clean facility and great communication!

A.R. Google

Always a pleasant experience to go for my treatment. It's only been a couple of months and I feel a lot better.

D.A. Google

Amy and her staff are amazing!! The hormone replacement therapy is made specifically for me. I’m so fortunate and grateful for Amy Berkhardt ❤️ My health has improved immensely!! I’ll never give up my hormone pellets!!

S.M. Google


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What is the price of plasma skin tightening?
The price of plasma skin firming might vary based on the number of treatments you need to achieve your objectives. During your primary consultation, Amy will examine your skin and inquire about your goals in order to design a customized rejuvenation strategy along with pricing information.

What is the expected recovery time from Opus Plasma skin tightening?
Most patients have very little downtime after a microplasma skin rejuvenation treatment. When you go home after your session, you may have small, red crusts on the treatment region, but they should fall away naturally after approximately seven days. We advise that you avoid touching your face and avoid UV exposure as you recover.

How many Opus Plasma treatment sessions will I need?
The majority of individuals at Divine IV and Wellness discover a decrease in fine lines and saggy skin following the first skin tightening session, but our staff frequently suggests having about 2 – 3 sessions to achieve the best outcome. When you have your cosmetic consultation, Amy will suggest the ideal number of sessions based on the condition of your skin as well as your aesthetic goals.

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